Growing Your Facebook Fan Base – Three Simple and Fast Tips

Do you remember the time when only college students could access Facebook? Well that time has passed. These days everybody has a Facebook account-even your ninety year old grandmother is on it! This makes Facebook one of the prime locations for Internet Marketers to drum up attention and sales. There are lots of ways you can go about doing this but one of the best approaches is to build a “fan” page for your company. Of course, creating the page is not enough to get attention and make sales. You can gain more popularity of Facebook and grow your business by using the following tips.

Make prodigious use of Facebook’s “share” button. Every so often, put up an image or some type of content on your fan page and blast it out to your fans. Encourage them to “share” what you have uploaded with their own friends and fans. This way new people will discover your page and who might even like it. Imagine the results if your content is so good people share it repeatedly. It could be weeks or even months before that piece of content runs out of steam.

Run a contest. Since Facebook modified their guidelines on promotions a while back, this approach can be a little dicey. Ensure that you read them and know them well so that you don’t make a silly mistake and break them. Despite Facebook having some strict rules about contests, which usually means you have to spend a lot of money on ads, you can ask people for “likes” for a page which will allow them to win a competition you are running on your site. Everyone enjoys contests. You’ll get a lot of people “liking” you with this approach.

Ensure that your fan page on Facebook is featured with a link on all your personal profiles. Make sure to include your page, no matter what the profile is on, whether it’s a personal message service, a forum or a site for professionals.

Any place that allows you to construct a profile should have a link to your Facebook fan page. Every once in a while you need to make informative posts if you want to be a productive member of the community which is the only way to get more “likes” from people.

You have many options when it comes to increasing your Facebook popularity. You can put up links on sites and in your emails. Competitions can be organized. You have the option of advertising your page directly. The trick is to be imaginative. Putting up the page won’t suffice. It will take quite some effort to ensure your page is worth being “liked” but once you’ve done that it won’t be long before you see your sales rise as you are able to take advantage of being popular on Facebook.

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