Google Adwords

Some people like to read and others like to watch learning materials, so both are offered. The text version and the Flash version of the learning materials cover the exact same information, just present it in different ways. A person can study for the exam in the middle of the night or at high noon depending on their personal schedule and it usually takes up to two weeks to prepare although many people have gotten through it in much less time.

Since this is a self-paced learning tool, if a person is unsure of the presentation, repeating it causes no hassle to anyone. At the end of each presentation there is a self-quiz available to see if the person has mastered the material presented. It gives an in-depth overview of Google Analytics and gets into the AdWords Toolbox highlighting some of the tools every advertiser should be familiar with like the Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator. It goes on through costs and billing, cost control, invoicing and tracking ad performance, ad visibility and finally reports. Targeting is then addressed with subtopics on search and contextual targeting, site targeting and language and location targeting.

It goes through account types, setup and structure, account navigation, organization and keywords, ad text and using different advertising formats. After getting familiar with the program, the second section covers how-to get started with AdWords. There is also a section on pricing and ranking and how it works. Google covers everything including link, editorial and image policies, trademarks, copyrights, Google’s invalid clicks policies and how invalid clicks are identified. Starting at the beginning, the introduction covers the AdWords basics including: the difference between Google and Google advertising, features and benefits.

It is designed to take someone who has absolutely no knowledge of AdWords and turn them into an expert. There are extensive training lessons that are both comprehensive and enlightening on everything from the basics through advanced optimization and usage. After enrolling in the program, individuals can begin preparing for the test by either watching or reading the Google advertising materials available online in the Google Learning Center. There are both text and multimedia lessons available leading up to a 100 word test prepared by Google. The Google Advertising Professional program, designed for managers and individuals administering multiple AdWords client accounts, is a comprehensive, step-by-step course designed to elevate candidates to the status of AdWords guru.

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