Good Communication is the Key to IM Success

Online marketing can be overwhelming, especially when you are new and only starting to learn about the field. As you go through forums and articles, you’ll find all types of lists about what you have to do to be the next big thing. Those lists likely all oppose each other. One will say that you should be patient if you desire to be the next big thing. Another will state that you should be super smart about business if you want to be the next big thing. Still, another will state that creativity is what will make you a success. And, of course, you can’t forget about all of the people stating that all you have to do is pay for their software program if you want to be the next big name in IM!

The truth is that all of these things are essential to your success (well, perhaps not all of those software programs, but the other stuff). You must be patient and smart about business and creative if you want to be successful. None of these things count much, all the same, if you are not able to communicate well with people.

Good communication means more than merely creating a fantastic sales page. A skilled copywriter can take care of that component of your project. Good communication is more than having a stunning site with a really long FAQ page. A seasoned designer and writer can give you those. Being effective in communication requires learning to handle interpersonal communication as well as your copy and web site. So, what exactly should you do to accomplish that that?

1. See to it that any email doesn’t sit unreplied to for over 24 hours. This is no joke. Your response doesn’t have to be very long. All you need to do is let the sender know that you have read the email and will be responding to it in full shortly. Try to include a snippet that references something the the other person has written. This is what will tell the person that you really go through every email you got and are not an autoresponder.

2. Answer calls. Don’t be a call screener. When your phone rings, pick it up by the third ring. You need to do this even if the Caller ID tells you that the call is from somebody that you truly do not want to talk to. You’ll be glad to know that there is, however, an exemption to this rule. You don’t need to be attached to the telephone all day and all night. Instead of this, set clear “business” hours that you are available to take phone calls. Release these hours on your web site and in your voice mail message as well. And, obviously, give people a call back if you were unavailable when they called.

3. Follow up with customers to be certain that they have gotten your memos, emails, messages, etc. This shows the your customer that you value him or her. It will endear you more if you take some time to say something like, “Is there anything that I can be clearer about?” so that, if they have queries, you can answer them.

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