Getting Started with Facebook Marketing

Social media, Facebook in particular, is here to stay. You can call it a mere phase, but when you have hundreds of millions of people participating it’s really more than that.

This is one site that just keeps getting bigger, and it’s now just as important for businesses as for people who use it to socialize. If you want to be relevant today, it’s practically essential that you participate in some way. These days not having a Facebook page of your own is not just frowned upon, it could cost you valuable business. After your Facebook page is up, though, there’s still a lot to consider. How do you make sure that your marketing efforts on Facebook are successful?

Placing ads on Facebook can be very useful if you do it right. You may have hoped that Facebook marketing was a cost free strategy. But there’s an efficient way to use this type of advertising that’s worth trying.

Instead of sending people to a landing page or sales website, however, send them to your profile. Your goal is to get more fans (or “likes”) and friends, who you can then stay in touch with. You can then build trust with these people and some will probably become customers in the future. This is not something that a lot of Facebook advertisers are doing yet and it will definitely help set yourself apart from the crowd. Promote more than your own business and activities on your page. Be on the lookout for anything that members of your circle might appreciate, regardless of what it is or who created it. Make your primary objective helping your friends and fans. This may sometimes involve recommending other people’s products and services. People will really appreciate it if you go out of your way to help them even when there’s no profit for you. Seeing this will make people more inclined to like and trust you. This helps you get more business as well, both directly and from getting recommendations from the people you’ve helped.

You can also do a little marketing by using the albums at Facebook for images, and people will comment on them and so can you. Show them who you are by creating an album where you can put pictures of yourself, pictures of you at work, pictures of your product, etc. You don’t need to publish the same pictures you’d publish on a personal page but it’s okay to let people see you living off of the computer. Try to think of interesting things that may compel people to comment on and share with their Facebook friends.

Facebook and social media are where you can gain solid exposure with the right methods. It can help you promote your business and bring in more sales if you use the system correctly. There is so much more to social media marketing and what is possible using Facebook. So once you learn more you have to put this stuff into motion because you know the danger of doing nothing.

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