Gaining Subscribers to Your Blog’s RSS Feed – What You Need to Know

Its obvious if you have a blog or plan to create one that you know how important it is to get and retain RSS subscribers so that you will have repeat visitors. The following article will clearly show you the work needed and the steps to take so that you can add more RSS feed subscribers to you blog in the best way possible.

Encourage Readers at the Bottom of Each Post: Reminders and encouragement should be given to people so that they know about and can subscribe to your blogs RSS feed. One effective way to do this is to post a small message at the end of each of your post specifically telling your readers that they can subscribe to your feed and how they should go about the process. Since your post is already going to be interactive in nature where you commit to communicate your ideas with your readers, your little message is going to come within this flow and it won’t look odd. Ultimately, what you’re doing is nothing but showing your readers the benefit they can get out of subscribing to your blog’s RSS feed, and there’s nothing wrong in doing that. Additionally, this would be the right time to put out the message because your readers will be in a receptive mode, especially if they liked your post.

Prominent Feed Icon Placement: The placement of your RSS icon needs to be considered carefully so readers will see it right away. If you can, locate it in the top half of the page, or above the fold, so readers don’t need to scroll down to find it. The object is to make it easy for your visitors to see it and then subscribe, so make sure it’s clear. Aside from choosing the right location, you also need to be sure it’s shown on every page throughout your site. It should be seen by default in the sidebar of your blog so that no matter what page your readers are, they should be able to subscribe when they want to.

Keep Tabs on Your Feed: It is not unusual to find out that a technical glitch or broken link has caused your blog’s RSS feed to stop working. You need to try to keep track of your feed so that you can be sure that it is working all the time because when you don’t do it you could lose lots of valuable subscribers who might be trying to get on to your list.

Now, this certainly doesn’t mean that you should get obsessed with this one factor, but doing periodic checks will help you keep your feed healthy and running. Beyond that, having a broken link or other similar glitch could make a bad impression on your readers; they might even stop reading your blog because they find you unprofessional. You simply cannot control or predict how the readers might react so you need to make sure that you are offering them as smooth an experience as humanly possible.

The beginning stages of your blog and audience development are always going to be a challenge and that’s why you need to work to gain repeat visitors so that your traffic stays balanced.

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