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Twitter is growing day by day, and it’s becoming one of the most effective tools to market online. Even though you aren’t really allowed to use Twitter for direct marketing, there are still quite a few ways to leverage its power. If you have yet to start out with Twitter, start using it now because, as an IMer, there are all sorts of opportunities for you there. But the question that will probably be your biggest concern when you start using Twitter will be “how do I get more people to follow me?” Here are some of the most effective tips for raising your follower count on Twitter effectively.

You need to understand that enhancing your Twitter follower count is centered in your being able to leverage as many external sources as you can. You need to work at getting more people to know that you even have a Twitter account. Leverage your blog’s power, Facebook’s power, your professional website’s power, your email signature, your business card and anything else you can think of to share your Twitter name with other people. This may seem like a truly small thing but it still makes a major difference.

The more effort that you put into exposing your Twitter account, the better your results are going to be. Retweeting is hot, and that’s for a reason – people on Twitter love retweeting interesting stuff. If you would like to see your followers retweeting your stuff more often, you are going to need to ask them to retweet you. Seriously: in addition to offering them super great content, you need to ask them to retweet you. It’s important to include a simple call to action like “please RT” in order to help get more retweets. This obviously gets your tweets in front of more people that are not your followers. And if they like what you tweet, they will obviously want to follow you and stay updated.

There comes a time when you will have diminished returns from followers because you cannot possibly have rapport with many thousands of people. If you are willing to do what is necessary at Twitter, then you will have a chance of making something good come from it. Gaining more Twitter followers is about adding personality to your Tweets. So many people have given up at Twitter for marketing, but we bet they did not follow the relationship marketing part.

Building your presence on Twitter is about more than simply offering top quality content. You also need to have targeted followers on your list to make sure your efforts are successful. Growing the amount of followers of your Twitter account, then, has to be one of your biggest priorities. There are a lot of Internet marketers that solely focus on Twitter to get their traffic, and stuff like SEO usually follows. When you want to be part of that elite inner circle of successful Twitter marketers, it’s important to actually take action.

It is important to consistently work on regularly growing your follower count.

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