Fun and Creative Guerrilla Marketing Tips for Internet Marketers

Have you heard of “tried and true” IM strategies? These are the ones that every online entrepreneur uses. You have probably heard “the money is in the list”! This, along with website building, are strategies you probably know. All over the Internet, there are many articles and books on the topic of how to generate cash by getting targeted visitors to see what you have to sell. This information, most of the time, is simply a regurgitated version of something someone else already wrote. The information typically presents methodologies that are mundane to say the least. To break the monotony, we decided to write this article to help you out.

There is a lot you can get done with the simple flier, and you can think of ways to distribute them in an effective way. Avoid making your flier copy too simple or too complicated, and remember that people prefer to use as little of their brain as possible. Remember the public is used to being given a freebie for taking an action, and that is pretty basic marketing tactics. You can find people on Fiverr who are willing to post fliers for you, and that could be worth a shot.

You are knowledgeable about how you can use Twitter to your advantage for both business and pleasure. Chances are, you have already set up a personal and business account on Facebook. Why not combine the two and begin using your business account like you do your personal one? Send out the earlier tweets that you found valuable. Reply to the tweets of others. Follow some of the tweets that you found to be valuable, even if these tweets are not in your normal niche.

There is more to Twitter for an IM-er than simply sending out tweets about your business. When you form relationships with others, the whole process is more rewarding in the end.

Use your phone. When it comes to marketing, cold calling is good for offline marketing. But, cold calling is a tactic that most online marketers do not utilize. If you make an effort to talk to someone who wants your product, then you might see good results with cold calling. Offer it at a discount, of course, but really try to sell them on it. Although they might not purchase the product today, they will keep in mind that you spoke with them personally.

There are tons of creative tasks that you can implement if you want the public to be introduced to your brand. You don’t have to use the same thought process that the rest of your competitors use. Be willing to tweak a few things and see what is really possible. If something does not work, you can just tweak it until it does work. You cannot say what will happen unless you are proactive.

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