Free Script / Screenplay Writing Program For Mac

This is a tutorial on both how to download the program Celtx and how the program is used to create screen plays. You can find the download for Celtx here: Don’t forget to check out my latest short film here: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE TUTORIALS LIKE THIS! Thanks for watching.
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  1. Phiction7 on March 29th, 2012


  2. vintagesteam99 on March 29th, 2012

    Edit, and create scripts before engaging speech please. Rehearsing will create more pleasant videos. Keep up the good work and thank you for the presentation on Celtx.

  3. tube4farnsworth on March 29th, 2012

    Great job. Nice voice over work. Make more tutorials and product reviews. You got skills !

  4. ManOverboardProd on March 29th, 2012

    I liked because Ashley is a bitch

  5. infernoeo on March 29th, 2012

    Great video man! Keep up the great work. P.S. got any other programs that you could share?

  6. MrAriLerner on March 29th, 2012

    @dajarshmeister Shut the fuck up bitch. How do you not like South Park? That was hilarious!! Kyle’s Cousin should be in the beginning of every video.

  7. HarwoodMusiq on March 29th, 2012

    Humorous beginning, clear commentary, classy piano roll – Keep it up.

  8. dajarshmeister on March 29th, 2012

    I hate the beginning please take it out, good job on the tutorisl part though

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