Finding the Best Affiliate Networks for Your Online Business

The best way to learn about Internet Marketing while making money at the same time is by being an affiliate. Affiliate marketing is a great way to get your feet wet online while also bringing in at least a little bit of income. It might be a slow trickle while you learn the ins and outs of website building and promotion but it will be better than nothing! You’re probably curious as to which affiliate network would be a good fit. You are probably also curious as to which products you should be promoting. How do you differentiate between legit programs and scams? This article will introduce you to some excellent and reputable affiliate marketing groups.

If you own your own blog or website, LinkShare is a great affiliate network. This network works with lots of brand names you are already familiar with. They get the advertisers and you put ads for them up on your blog of site. You earn a commission for every sale that you can generate through the system. If one of your goals is to work with Disney or Apple, this company offers you a great way to get started there. These ads help your site seem more legitimate and because the sales are higher, you’ll earn better commissions with this system than you would with a smaller network. There used to be a really good affiliate network named Auction Ads. In the Auction Ads network, the affiliates would promote a variety of items being sold through eBay auctions and if a product was sold through one of those ads, the affiliate could earn a commission through the sales price. Auction Ads has since been bought up by a company called Media Whiz and integrated into their publisher and affiliate system. This offers you more opportunities to earn, which is good, but only if your site is properly established, which is bad. It’s great for experienced web entrepreneurs but it isn’t very good for people who are only getting started.

Widget Bucks had a great reputation and was a great option for bloggers. With this program, you could easily start making money from your site because you could place widgets on your sidebars and other areas of your blog. The widgets would then connect to different companies, deals and goods. It seems, though, that they are no longer in operation. When attempting to connect to their site, we got an error message. So, be careful if anyone invites you to join the Widget Bucks system. It’s probably an attempt to scam you since the network seems to have disappeared. The variety of affiliate networks that are available is staggering. Discovering which networks are good can be really complicated at the beginning. This article has provided you with a few suggestions. A little due diligence will reveal many more! There is a huge selection of affiliate marketing groups, networks and programs you can partner up with. The most difficult part will be deciding which network or program is the best one to put must of your hard work and time into. In this article we’ve talked about some of the most popular networks and whether or not they are worth your time. With a little work and digging you’ll be able to find many more to select from!

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