Find Out the Secrets of Getting Ranked on Page One of Google

Google is the biggest search engine in the industry because of the quality and relevance of the results they return for every search. Google focuses on the user experience and offers excellence, which is what they want any site at the top of the SERPs to do as well. Reaching the first page of Google isn’t brain surgery as many have succeeded and plenty will do so in the future. Before you start your journey to the top of the SERPs, though, you need to understand one thing and that is that you will only succeed through persistence. Irrespective of how amazing or revolutionary your strategy is, if you don’t consistently work at it then you will never see results. This article will offer you some advice on how to rise in the SERPs.

Google’s main goal is to provide top notch results so they make sure that they know and watch everything that is going on. So, you need to make a good impression both on the search engine as well as your visitors. If people who land on your site as a result of searching for your keyword aren’t happy, then they will search for other websites. Therefore, if the reaction of your audience isn’t positive and they are unhappy with the value your site provides, you clearly need to do something about it. If Google notices this pattern, they may decrease the ranking of your site rather than increasing it. For this reason, creating content with your target audience in mind is essential. Google wants its users to be happy and therefore, the only way to make Google happy is to make your audience happy.

You will find that it is easier to rank an older domain name in Google than a newer one. Google considers that older sites are usually more relevant and trustworthy, which is why age is taken into account when ranking sites. If you can purchase an older domain name that already is considered reputable by Google, getting that particular site to the top of the SERPs will be much easier and won’t take as long. It certainly isn’t the only issue you need to remember, but your chances will increase if you do this.

If you want Google to consider your site reputable, then don’t overdo it on the outbound links. This is because your page rank could drop since all outgoing links drain the source page and pass it on to the target page. Also, remember that an authority site will always have more links heading in than going out because it provides quality information. If you really do want to include outgoing links on your site then make sure you put a cap on it, and only have those links that hold importance. Simple factors play a big role when it comes down to impressing Google and taking on the first page. Don’t expect miracles instantly, especially if you have limited SEO experience when it comes to Google, because it will take a little time but eventually you will succeed.

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