Excellent Ways To Spy On Your Competitors – Secrets Revealed

One area of internet marketing that’s not discussed that often is the need to closely track your competition. If you don’t think they are watching you, you are being naive. If you’re not watching them, you wouldn’t even know it if they took some of your ideas or strategies. You may think it’s underhanded to spy on other people’s business activities. The fact is, you can’t really avoid this if you want to succeed in business. There’s nothing illegal about it, as long as you stay within certain parameters. Do you really think that major search engines, smart phone companies and the like don’t do this? If you want to start tracking your competition, the following suggestions will help you do this.

Many businesses attend events relevant to their industry not only to learn and network, but also to spy on their competitors. Every industry has popular conferences, trade shows and other such events. It’s most important to attend events where you can see your most direct competitors. Don’t just focus on established business, though, as you have to watch out for newcomers as well. When you attend these events, you’ll be among the first to know about the latest products and services your competitors are coming out with. You can learn a lot by gathering some of the free info that’s typically given away at industry events -company brochures, free samples of products and the like. Even though your intention might be to spy, you should talk to the people you meet in a friendly manner and get them to open up to you. Your competitors will have people that work for them – keep a close eye on them. In other words, know who they are and what their names are. Maybe, after a period of time, you can contact them and have them help you with your business. The other company probably have them sign a nondisclosure agreement. After you hire them, you may find that the NDA does not actually cover everything. Besides, the person will just tell you if they cannot legally talk about something. Usually, you can gather a lot of Intel from these employees about the company they worked for. If you are lucky, this employee may actually not like your competitor, and spilled the beans on everything about them.

This is all about business intelligence gathering, or spying on your competition. Your competitors, meanwhile, are most likely trying to learn all about you as well. Do what you can to prevent your competition from learning important information about you. This falls under counter-intelligence and can become a big cat and mouse game. You might put out misleading information to give your competition the wrong idea. It’s possible to get into unscrupulous territory here, as if you lie about your competition for your own benefit. You can take this to any level you feel comfortable with, and of course it’s just another business decision for you to make. If you take this strategy, spying on your competitors, serious at all, you will have to put most of it on autopilot to get it done right. You need to find out about your competitors, and when you hire someone to help you, the quality of the information will vary. Once you begin spying on your competitors, you will find out what you need to know.

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