Email Marketing Basics You Should Never Forget

More than likely, you have noticed many different email marketing techniques currently being sold. Everybody is trying to sell some book or some course on flashy methods for making more money from your list. If you are currently in a lull in regard to your email marketing, these might seem appealing to you. The truth is, though, that usually the only thing you need to do to “reinvigorate” your profits and success is get back to the basics. You can get careless and forget the foundations from which you began to make money with your list, something that happens to all of us. So when you need guidance to get through this rough time, returned to the basics. Let’s look at some strategies for doing this.

The time of day has no bearing, when sending emails. The fact is your email will have a good chance of getting read, if it is well written. Some people are adamant that your email blasts should be dispersed within very specific time frames. Mull over this: wouldn’t people be sending their emails concurrently, if there was truly a “perfect” time to send out emails? And then, wouldn’t your email likely get lost among all of the other emails that flood peoples’ inboxes all at the same time? Launch your emails whenever necessary. The message is more important than any particular day or time. Always work of building your list everyday. Whenever your list gets big, there is always the thought of slacking on your list building. After all, if you have hundreds of people subscribing to you, you don’t still need more people do you? Of course you do! When you wake up, your priority should be focusing on building your list even bigger than before. As you build, remember that some people may unsubscribe. This alone is worth the fifteen minutes to a half an hour you spend each morning encouraging people to opt in to your list. The reason you want to keep building is, eventually, everyone may unsubscribe.

Let people who have unsubscribed from your list go. Panic sets in with many email marketers and they try to save the lone “duckling” that has wandered off by badgering them into coming back. Just send a quick “sorry you left” message and remove the address from the list. If you discover their email is still on your list, by some fluke, and they’ve still been getting your mails in their inbox, send a quick apology. It might be all that’s needed to convince them to return on their own.

It’s easy to try and work overtime to attempt to fix things when your sales and subscriber numbers start falling. Usually all this does is turn people off. Focusing on the fundamentals is the only effective way to resolve the situation. You’ve already laid solid groundwork and it’s that way for a good reason, isn’t it? Get back to what worked for you in the first place and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can turn things around.

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