Effective Steps To Help Your Squidoo Lens in The Search Engines

Depending on your choice of keyword phrase, achieving a top position in Google for your Squidoo lens need not be as painful as seeing a dentist. Given below are a few effective optimization tips to rank your lens high for your targeted keyword.

The need for the best content you can produce for your pages is a necessity anymore if you want to see excellent results for your SEO efforts. The “thing” about videos still exists, and they can and often do rank very highly when optimized correctly. So by using a good mix of pictures and videos on your lens you’ll not only end up impressing the search engines, but it’ll also increase the chances of someone spending a longer time on your lens. All of this helps you zoom past your competitors and improve your ranking, and at the same time, it helps you turn your visitors into consistent sales. Naturally you cannot promote somebody else’s site, since Squidoo seems to frown on that – so be sure to place a video you have made, etc. The more interesting and informative your lens, then that will be a big plus with the readers. We assume you are building Squidoo lenses because you want to have visitors, and so obviously you have to figure out a way to promote it. You would be leaving a lot of traffic on the table if you failed to include social media marketing in your plan. You will benefit from targeted traffic, backlinks as well as SEO value as the major search engines are currently in a love affair with social media. It is well known now that Google wants to see more social media elements and marketing since they are trying to make their product more relevant. So do all you can to incorporate social media tools and methods for people to share your lens with others.

Search engine algorithms, especially Google’s, is always becoming increasingly more sophisticated which is why you need to be aware of the importance of synonyms in your content. A lot has changed over the years, and Google’s algorithm has become much more complex. But do not let that bother you because you can still learn how to get results with SEO. Google using technology they both create and buy to get all of this done. The best approach really is to just write naturally about your subject. Just write for your audience and that will serve you well.

Never think that something like Squidoo lenses ranking highly is impossible because we know it is not.

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