Easily Avoidable Link Building Mistakes

Getting your website ranked in the major search engines is important if you want to have a healthy flow of targeted visitors. In order to get the results you want, you’ll need to focus on your SEO strategy, which includes effective link building. The right way to set about your link building tasks is to work on including the most critical factors. Don’t ignore these important factors, or you could be wasting plenty of time and money working towards results that won’t happen. Getting your link building strategy correct will matter, but it’s not something you can do in a single day. There are a few mistakes that you should avoid during your link building, and in this article we shall be talking about them.

An extremely common omission to overlook checking for a link’s “no-follow” tag. When a link is ‘no follow,’ the engine spiders will not follow that link – but in a certain way. If your link resides on a page that assigns the no-follow attribute, then you won’t receive the linking power credit you were hoping for. It’s a good idea to check before posting, and it doesn’t matter what kind of link it is.

Apart from this, there are many link exchanges that say they will help you with your link building, but you end up finding out that you’ve been duped. Using a link exchange can still work for you, and they are white hat SEO practice. But you’ll find that not every one of them will be worth the trouble. If it’s a scam – then you’ll get either a no-follow link or your link is removed after you’ve verified it’s there. So you’ll just have to check on your links from time to time. And always be sure to work with a respectable service.

Another common mistake seen is to link to a site with a good reputation, but then later it develops a negative reputation. Sometimes a situation like this can occur if a site publishes content that’s considered objectionable. This is why it pays to check where your outbound links lead to after checking if they’re broken.

Obviously it’s a very good idea to check on this because your links matter to your own SEO. It’s always good to monitor what’s happening with your sites. You can optimize your backlinking by simply avoiding the mistakes discussed in this article. Now you know about them, so be sure to remember how to avoid them.

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