Don’t Make these Painful Panda Mistakes

A huge number of web businesses have really been stung by various mistakes and infractions that Panda has pounced on. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to pull your site back up once it’s taken the Panda bear torpedo to the bottom of the SERPs. The process of figuring out what went wrong and how to fix things can be painful but it is necessary if you want your business to keep going. Unfortunately, that’s a question that only you can answer. You have to look at everything including the possible time required to bounce back. For now, learning about these Panda mistakes may help you start the wheels turning in the right direction.

We need to point out two sorts of content: low quality content and duplicated materials. When we say duplicate content we mean the content on your site as well as the one on other sites. We don’t need to say anything else other than the best type of content is the original content you’ve written yourself because you already know this. However, just because it’s fresh doesn’t mean it’s good quality content and there are a number of reasons your own articles might not pass muster. You have to know what you are doing when it comes to writing great articles and you need to get to that point. How well your site does with Google will be significantly impacted by this important aspect. You need to gain more knowledge if you are unsure.

You will be looked upon this favorably by Google if you buy backlinks to improve your SEO. It is being highly targeted by Panda, making it hard to rank when buying back links in this manner. You can use high PR backlinks to generate traffic to your website. They are available almost everywhere. Although these are available, you are risking quite a bit by taking this type of action. When you buy backlinks from companies or individuals online, their services are publicly recognized. Well, Google is not dumb and they are watching what is going on. All of these backlinks that you purchase in the right to your front door, marking you unfavorably in the eyes of Google.

You can find businesses in certain situations in which they have content that is very close to being on site duplicate content. That is the worst kind to have and will get your site slapped down by Panda. This type of content is most prevalent with offline businesses that are ranking for local terms. Your pages and URLs look identical simply because only a few words are changed each time. Millions of websites have done this. Literally, it is all over the Internet. All you have to do is alter the content dramatically on one page so it is completely different from another. By doing this, this will keep you out of trouble in the eyes of Google. There are so many mistakes that you can make when building websites, but the Panda update did have its good intentions. It may be hard to tell if it was worthwhile for you are not. Hopefully, you think that it was worth it. It really depends on what you were doing online.

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