Discover the Secrets to Optimizing Your WordPress Blog for the Search Engines

Creating a WordPress blog isn’t really difficult, since it’s almost a complete package that comes to you with everything already done. There are certain things you will need to remember, though, when trying to get your WordPress blog ranked in the search engines, like:

Using a Google sitemap will get your site the attention from Google that you definitely want it to have. It’s easy to add to a WordPress blog and very much worth the effort. Sitemaps simply make it simpler for the search engines like Google to find their way around your site. It’s like an easy to read overview of all the different pages on your site, which is something highly important as far as SEO is concerned. If you like simplicity, and who doesn’t, then you’re going to love the Google XML Sitemaps plugin for WordPress sites. So you don’t have to do anything manually, the plugin will do all the hard work for you and automatically update each time you add a new page to your site. It takes a matter of minutes to install but the rewards are endless so don’t forget to do this one thing.

Enable Trackbacks: When you start using WordPress, you’ll notice that there’s a section called Trackbacks where you find the list of all the other blogs that have linked to you. Having trackbacks activated in your WordPress blog means that you will get a lot more relevant and quality links from other blogs since it provides an encouragement for them to link to your blog. Trackbacks make it easy for people to gain incoming links, and since backlinking is a highly important part of SEO, you need to take action and get as many links as possible.

Optimize Your Images: When you’re writing high quality content on your blogs, it’s obvious that you would want to illustrate it with quality pictures/images too. A little look around, online, will reveal the fact that many of the best blogs have pictures that accompany and complement their dishes. You need to make sure you SEO all your images which can be done while you are uploading the pictures. You are a big step ahead of everyone else from an SEO standpoint, so you should take it a step further by optimizing your images correctly. Correctly labeling your images with ALT tags and image names will provide an additional opportunity for some keywords. Images are highly valued by the search engines, especially when optimized and people will no longer look at you through the “image search” chef glass but also by searching for the terms you optimized for.

This might seem like simple advice but they will have a significant impact on the ranking of your blog, as long as you apply the knowledge. The only way to maintain your ranking in the SERPs, is by constantly making sure you are improving your site and tweaking it to take full advantage of WordPress.

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