DigiMemo Handwriting Recognition software,

DigiMemo Handwriting Recognition software,

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  • languages ​​- English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish , Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean
  • Make a personal recognition profile so that the Pentium 233 or better, Windows – can software your individual handwriting with even greater accuracy

    Let the words or auto spare to add to your personal dictionary to enhance the detection rate

    system requirements recognize 2000 or XP, 128 MB RAM or higher, 270 MB free disk space & CD-ROM drive

    My Script Notes Solidtek OCR for DigiMemo Handwriting Pad ACECAD DigiMemo Handwriting Recognition is the handy software that your handwritten notes converted from ACECAD DigiMemo into digital text for further use in applications such as Microsoft Word, Outlook or Lotus Notes. ‘ p>


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