Critique Writing with an Advantage Don’t Spare the Author?s Ego and Confrontation

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Encounters with peer responses should have begun as early as freshmen year in high school English. While everyone in class did their best to be nice to each other. No one wanted their feelings hurt much less be guilty of hurting another classmate. Thus, after most peer responses was over, everyone went home to type their paper with the revisions given. The revisions most commonly given were of the most inane matter, such as “comma here, period there, capitalize here, paragraph there”. However, what everyone ended up was a juvenile piece of mish mash. In the effort to spare the author’s ego and confrontation, no real contributions were made except for common grammar structures.

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If only someone had the fortitude and a tactful hand when critiquing, he or she would have been able to save their fellow writer. Alas we succumbed to the awkwardness of early adolescence and the English class went down on their paper ship.

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Believing and Doubting is an easy way to solidify an author’s stance on any given subject. The first step in Believing and Doubting is to believe. Responders’ must believe that everything the writer has written is inherently true. As a responder, you are requited to put aside your own personal contentions with what is written during the believing process. The whole purpose to believing is to make what is strong even stronger.

To do this, one will have to be able to provide any additional relevant supporting arguments that would augment the writer’s position. It’s a way to get readers to give you new ideas and arguments and to improve your piece in all sorts of ways. A responder’s job is to patch any holes, reinforce main ideas, and make everything seem as air tight as possible. So it is imperative to choose a responder that is knowledgeable about the topic that you have written. After this step is done, take a break. A responder’s mind will now be exhausted of any new ideas.

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