Creating Profit Killing WSOs

If you have never been to the Warrior Forum and want to start a business on the web – you have to be there. One of the biggest draws is the WSO forum which is the IM product and service marketplace for the forum. Just in the remote case you have never heard of it; it stands for Warrior Special Offers. What you need to know is that your WSO has to be unique and what you have made plus it has to be a special low price. If WSOs appeal to you, then this article is a must read as it contains valuable information.

Of course there are a few rules that you will need to adhere to before your WSO is allowed to go live. Just like any other forum out there, they do not make allowances if you say you didn’t know something. Those who obviously are breaking the guidelines and rules may get banned depending on the nature of the infraction. You cannot sell anything at all, and usually it has to do with extreme marketing like blackhat stuff. If you want to know what really helps to sell it is credibility and reputation in the forum plus a good offer.

Take your time about what you want to charge for it because pricing points can make or break your success. You will also have to be careful that you do not set your price too low because that creates unfavorable impressions. A very low price point can trigger all kinds of thoughts and that strategy can backfire. There are plenty of times when a red flag is legit but not all the time, and those times call for a closer look. There are hundreds and thousands of pages of past WSOs, so there’s a lot you can learn from. There is no one particular way or method for doing this, and that is why it can seem a bit muddy.

If you want to sell a lot, then you have to think about what people want the most. There are hundreds of things that get put up for sale as WSOs every day. A lot of them are affiliate products that nobody really needs but that someone is offering in the hopes of getting rich quickly. Remember that even though you may love your product, for it to sell it needs to satisfy a need. People respond to being able to make money with a system and other things so keep that in your mind.

There are tons of people lined up to release a WSO, so that should tell you something important. Hopefully you will take this information and run with it because it is that good. Do not let yourself get discouraged if your first WSO bombs and just keep trying.

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