Blogging 101

The Real Blogging 101

An online diary or journal, that’s how a blog is defined back when. But now it’s an easy to publish and update collection of content with a reverse chronological order. Now that you know what a blog is, do you know how to create and maintain one?

Here’s a simple walkthrough on how to go about blogging just for any purpose that you can think of:

1.    Think of what topic to blog about.

If you’re a blogging newieb, you can start learning about the ins and outs of blogging by creating a personal blog. Something that will contain your daily rants and raves will do if you are quite comfy with that setup. But if you prefer to talk about something less personal and you are an expert on a specific topic like dog training for example, then go ahead. It’s your call, really.

2.    Choose a blog platform to use.

Blog newbies can benefit a lot from free blog software platforms. Would you like a really simple interface? Blogger and Livejournal can be the best candidates. If you are comfy with more tweaking, WordPress will serve you well. These are all free. As your skills in blogging advance, you can also upgrade your blog with the help of a paid hosting service.

The thing is, with free blog platforms like Blogger and WordPress your blog’s domain name looks like this – or If you choose a paid hosting and get your domain name registered, you can lose the or tail of your blog’s domain name. How cool is that?

3.    Start posting blog entries.

Blog entries or blog posts or simply posts are the common monikers given to the content you put in your blog. If you want more readers to appreciate your blog, writing a decent title that will help identify your blog entry and writing helpful content should help you accomplish that endeavor. A steady or even increasing traffic flow is one of the major goals of bloggers. Posting quality content is the key to achieve this.

4.    Accessorize your blog.

If you have learned how to go through the basics of creating and updating your blog, upgrading it with features such as hit counters that monitor traffic and other plugins that either help your blog become more pleasing to the eyes or more usable or functional for readers can be your next step.

Choose only what will make your blogging experience more fulfilling.  Too many other add-ons will only cramp your blog or give readers a hard time in downloading.

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  1. Alice Osborne on November 3rd, 2009

    I’m a mom, grandma, published author and professional speaker of 25+ yrs. I’m the Dir. of PR for a nat’l nonprofit that is all but shutting its doors due to a SLOW DOWN in funding. It’s been time for me to assess life and I’ve decided to work from home speaking and writing. My blog is one of the pieces to realizing my dream. This is a long intro. to why I am writing you–I want to thank you for your site, your articles, and for sharing your expertise. I’m techie remedial and it’s a fresh breath of air to find info on blogging that I can actually half-way understand. I am your fan! All the best, Alice Osborne

  2. Regina on October 6th, 2010

    the comment above reflects me too

  3. katrin9 on January 2nd, 2011

    The Real Blogging 101An online diary or journal, that

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