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What would 3,000 or more unique visitors mean to you?  Article marketing could do just that for you.  What would that mean for your own personal success?  Article marketing is one way I attract traffic to myself.  I make thousands of dollars each month from the visitors I receive doing it.

If my word isn’t enough for you (which it shouldn’t be), seek out the top online article producing authors.  They have written thousands of articles.  They would not find the motivation to write so much if they were not making a serious return on their investment.  When I initially started online marketing, I looked at the statistics.  I realized that if I could submit similar numbers, I could have the same success.  So that’s what I did.

Before any of that though, you need to run your numbers.  What is your sales conversion rate?  What about your opt-in rate?   If you make 1 sale per 100 visitors, a conversion rate of 1%, those 5,000 new visitors to a $50 product would be an additional $2,500 in revenue for you.  And at the 2% conversation rate, a rate generally considered to be average, 5,000 new visitors would translate into $5,000 each month.  It’s like receiving $1 per visitor.

The fastest, cheapest way I know of getting unique, targeted traffic is article marketing.  It’s free and requires just a little bit of time.  You could use these articles to achieve a full-time income. But how many articles are we talking here?  That depends on your definition of full time.  Is full time $1000 a month or is it $5,000?  What if it’s 10,000?  Define your exact salary and write it down.  This is the goal you are now striving toward.

If I had it to do all over again, knowing then what I know now, I would have plowed ahead full steam.  At the beginning, I submitted only 250 articles at first.  I had them out there for almost 6 months.  It got me considerable amounts of traffic, it’s true.  But what if I’d had 500 or even 1,000?  That would have been double or quadruple the number of sales I actually received.  I guess the important thing I am stressing here is persistent submission.  Create a goal of how many articles you need to write.  If the number you choose is one thousand, than strive toward that.  You’ll be able to make a considerable amount with 1000 articles.  It might make you $15,000.  It might only make you $5,000.  But that is $5,000 you didn’t have beforehand.  It all depends on your personal market, your niche, how the articles are written, and how you translate them into cash.

With everything else being level, however, the bottom line will come down to the quantity.  The sheer number of articles is going to be the deciding factor on your financial success.  Decide for yourself what full time income means to you and start writing! 


What is entailed in marketing your articles?  The simplest way to explain is to say it will expand your horizon and increase the number of people who see your article.  Get your work out there and in front of as many people as you possibly can in as many ways as you possibly can.

Are you unsure how to explain what it is you do?  Not certain how to get people to read your work?  I would recommend getting a domain.  Get a name like “articlesby(your name).com and link it to your EzineArticles Profile Page.  Whenever I am at a social gathering, on an interview, or in a telesiminar, I can refer everyone there to “”.  Suddenly, I have given them instant access to me, my information, my profile, all my websites, and all of my social network links.  In addition, it’s a way to get  to all my article, which of course contain more links to my websites and blogs.

Announcing your own articles on Twitter

If you are an article/information marketer seeking increased readership and audience for your articles, then it would be my personal recommendation set up your EzineArticles Account to automatically post your own approved and published articles to your Twitter profile. Go into your Author’s Area at EzineArticles, then your Profile Manger, and then Edit Your Author Bio. In the fields provided enter your Twitter user name and pass word. You have set it up. Now each time one of your new articles is approved and published at EzineArticles, an announcement will be automatically posted to your Twitter profile. In this manor, you are automatically generating more readership and consistently repurposing your articles.

While the EzineArticles and Twitter automated strategy is extremely productive, I would personally recommend that you continue the process on your own. As you follow discussions on Twitter, I recommend that you refer people to your articles to make a point, educate, and to share your personal expertise. You may also want to consider making a simple annoncement that you have an interesting article you are recommending for them to read and supply the link to your article. With this method, you will keep the traffic generated by the EzineArticle automatic posting continuing for a noticbly longer and effective period of time.

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