A Writing Submissions Log: 7 Clerical Items To Use

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How do you keep up with your submissions? What type of maintenance records do you have that allows you to examine the amount of submissions sent, the types of writing pieces you are sending and how editors are responding to your material? Bookkeeping is extremely vital for this segment of your writing development. You can’t expect success if you don’t keep track of basic record maintenance.

A writing submissions log is not difficult to maintain. The best way to benefit from it is to stay on top of logging in your entries every time you send a composition out. Here are 7 clerical items to use, when creating a writing log to keep track of your submissions:

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1. Name/Title of Writing

2. Category of Writing (Poem, Short Story, Article, Query, etc.)

3. Place of Submissions (Where/to whom the writing was sent)

4. Method of Submissions (Email, postal mail, FedEx, UPS, DHL, courier, etc.)

5. Date of Submissions (Month, day and year your submission was sent)

6. Date of Response and Outcome (Date you heard from the Place of Submissions and their answer – rejection, acceptance, under consideration)

7. Estimated response time from the Place of Submissions, as reported in guidelines (if applicable)

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Normally, when I get a response back from an editor, I put either a “smiley” face beside the Date of Response, if it is accepted or a “sad” face if it is rejected. The smiley characters are a lighthearted way to help me remain upbeat, even in the midst of a rejection. This also gives me an overview of the submissions I sent, who I sent it to and if they accepted or rejected the documentation.

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With the Writing Submissions Log I am able to review the categories I’m sending out and see if they align with my short and long term writing goals, as oppose to just sending anything out. In an effort to increase my number of submissions for the upcoming year, I use these results to determine my plan of action (daily, weekly and monthly projections).

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You can create and personalize your Writing Submissions Log by using the spreadsheet function on your word processing software. You can adjust the rows and columns to fit your clerical needs. If you prefer to manually use an office ledger, you can purchase one from any office supply store and achieve the same results. Keeping a writing log makes good business sense, as well as an excellent check and balance system for your writing submissions and publication goals.

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Kym Gordon Moore has over twenty six years of writing experience throughout her corporate career. Dedicating the last five years to her personal creative writing projects, she’s currently working on some upcoming book publications. Many of her articles, essays, short stories and poems appeared in a variety of magazines, newspapers, ezines and anthologies. http://www.kymgmoore.com

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