A Fast Introduction to Testing Techniques for Online Promotions

Anyone with a website should have more information about their website traffic than is offered through behavior data and raw server logs on cpanel. This information is referred to as site metrics. This simply means website data that is being measured. It is imperative that you find out as much information as possible regarding visitors to your website, and sometimes, this data is not enough. When a visitor appears on your site, you need to know everything about them, tracking them every moment. You can only make intelligent profitable decisions if you are aware of this information and can capture it efficiently.

Your first step is to find great reviews on a product you are making a review site about. One great place for physical products is Amazon, but do not think that is the only site out there with reviews on them. The easiest thing to do is research the reviews at Amazon first.

If possible, get reviews only for your product. If there aren’t enough, use the reviews of similar products from the same company. Need to write everything using your words, not the words in the reviews, otherwise this would be plagiarism. After reading the reviews, write out something legible and intelligent. Also take into consideration information you don’t agree with. When you do this, write about why you disagree with it, to add more content. Once you’ve figured out which pages are performing better than the others, try to figure out why they are performing so much better. In some respects, it may not really matter why they are getting more traffic. Maybe that month more people are running searches using your keywords–this isn’t something you can control. Keep digging though, there might be other reasons that some pages are getting higher traffic than others. Ideally, you want to also look at where traffic is coming from. You might find out that there are some demographic differences like higher numbers of referrals from sites that are gender specific, etc.

After you’ve done all of the research that you need to do and you’ve got a good idea about who is coming in to your high traffic pages and from where, you can feel okay about looking into monetizing. Figure out what is going on on those pages and then identify whether or not the offers are actually relevant. You never know, you could have offers for men when the traffic coming to that page is mostly women and vice versa. That is the whole purpose of this, but you want to find the best offers that are relevant and put them on those pages. Then track your conversions to make sure that what you have changed is working. It might still be important to test things with similar offers, though. There are other more advanced ways to test websites. But the A/B split testing method will provide great results, even if it is very easy to use. Some would say that you should get as much info about it as possible, but there is not too much that you have to figure out with this method. You can use split testing for any type of advertising that you choose.

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