A Brief Tutorial on Email Marketing for First Time Marketers

Since the only legal way to send commercial emails is through permission-based processes, it becomes important to have clarity with the situation. No doubt you have seen very many optin boxes offering their various freebie in exchange for some contact information. After the laws passed outline what is allowable from a legal standpoint, many IM marketers just defaulted to the safest option. However, many have tested all that is possible and found that nobody likes jumping through a lot of hoops just to get on a list. As always, do your due diligence and verify all you read and conduct your own testing.

Of course you know about ezines or email newsletters, but perhaps you are not aware of how powerful they really are. In the beginning, you can leverage the email lists created by others in your niche. The way you can capture that power, and help build your own list, is by buying ad space in newsletters. There are services that facilitate that or you can find relevant ezines in your niche. Then you will purchase ad space for your own special offering. You will not be buying traffic, but what you will be doing is getting your message out to a targeted audience.

Before you get too far along, decide if you will want to use HTML or text-only emails, and of course there are differences between the two. The thing about HTML is that even though there is more you can do, not everybody has an email client that supports it. Then of course with HTML you can also do things with fonts and even add a graphic if you want. A large file sized email with lots of graphics may cause loading problems which is just a bad scene and will be deleted pretty fast. Another important consideration is their are spam filter triggers involving the use of too many graphics, etc, so be careful.

You can intuitively guess what open rate means, and that is something you will anguish over at some time or another. You want 100% open rate and that is something nobody ever gets, but it a reflection of a person possibly reading it. You may know that some email software can open an email right away if that is what the settings call for.

Your open rate metrics could be skewed if any people fail to read the email even though it is opened. Work on your open rates using information you have learned or are about to learn, and that is all any person can ever do. As a new internet marketer who is new to email marketing, you should learn everything about email marketing. Obviously, these terms will be used with an autoresponder. So, you obviously need to know what they mean. One other reason that you should create your personal list has to do with the price. It will not be as much money to market to your list than others.

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