3 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Can Catapult You To Online Success

Social media marketing strategies have been used by businesses online and off-line for decades, yet so many have not been utilized to their full extent. The future of social media is looking very bright. There are so many aspects to this form of marketing that have not been fully utilized. Without a doubt, this is good news for large businesses, even small ones! Testing new strategies, and learning new ones, is what you’ll have to look forward to because it is so new. Social media marketing is something that will be here for the long run, so we must do what we can to master this marketing strategy.

I know this may seem an obvious one for many of you, but there are always some who are new and may not know. You must have the social media icons or buttons on your site, and not only that but they must be clearly seen by all. If you look at the very busy sites of large news outlets, the main stream media, they all have very small social icons but still easy to see. One thing I would probably not suggest is using icons that are very large. The thing about the huge icons is that using them is a good way for your site to not be taken seriously. It’s a small price to pay to work to fit these icons onto your web page.

When you have a business blog, then develop it the right way which means working on your relationships with visitors. There are so many IM marketers who just want a minimum number of pages so they can try to rank in the search engines. The easiest way to get ranked is to keep posting everyday. This is the one proven way that you can do this. Besides, people do look at the dates on your posts, but you can always remove them if you so desire. Regular postings to your website or blog tend to bring people back. If you are ignoring your blog, they will do the same for you.

There are many ways to get massive exposure for your blog posts, or any content that you have. First, as you know there are the social icons for sharing and that really should be a total no-brainer. Promoting your RSS feed is another way that you can get traffic, even though it isn’t utilized as heavily today. Subscribing to your RSS feed (if you have a blog) is something that many people are able and willing to do. A dedicated page is what I recommend for RSS feeds. It makes it more professional. There are many positive benefits that you will receive by doing a little bit of marketing and work on your end.

Don’t be afraid to be aggressive whenever you are utilizing social media sites. The one area that you will encounter a ceiling with is with making connections and building rapport with all your social contacts. But, not everyone is going to trust you at the very beginning. So, this is something that you will have to take into consideration.

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