3 Simple Things that Violate the Google TOS

In the few years that it has been opearating, Google AdSense has quickly grown to be the default method of monetization among Internet marketers and webmasters. The reason that Google AdSense has become so popular is that it is very easy to use and it is easy to implement.

However, in order to succeed with AdSense one has to understand the rules that are set out by Google. Google often encourages webmasters and Internet marketers to get creative but they also have very strict guidelines that you need to follow. If you don’t, your AdSense account could be in trouble. The following examples are things that you should not ever do.

Google Ads should never be classified as alternates. Other advertising services like Chitika give you the freedom to choose and place alternate URLs when the targeted ads aren’t displayed. Here you only have to build a simple HTML page and put an ad that you want to be displayed instead. In one way AdSense is similar because it allows you to choose alternative URLS when you don’t want your site to display its public service ads. Just take steps to make sure that you don’t accidentally (or on purpose) use another AdSense ad in place of another one. According to the Google TOS, this isn’t allowed.

You need to remember that you do not need to have lots of AdSense accounts if you have lots of websites. If you have ten websites you only need one account to to make codes for all of them.

Most webmasters are afraid that they will be banned from the program if they have more than one site being serviced by the same account but the exact opposite is true. If you have multiple accounts and Google finds out about it all of your accounts will immediately get shut down. Don’t worry about how you will manage your different sites; you can use Adsense channels to track your clicks and to access your real-time data.

It is very important that you do not keyword stuff your content or use excessive advertising. It is true that Google’s definition of excessive rests on a bunch of different factors but it is also true that if you have good keywords, good ad placement and targeted content you can earn a nice income through the AdSense program. Excessive advertising isn’t needed. The same is true with keyword stuffing because doing that doesn’t serve any real purpose. Many people have made a lot of money with Adsense, and you can to as long as you abide by their easy to follow TOS.

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