3 Prevailing and Simple Solutions for a More Optimal Business Blog

If you have a blog or have been around a while, then you know about the sticky blog concept. When you can keep your readers coming back like flies to glue, you have a sticky blog. What may be surprising to you is there is a lot more available than you think. And because of this, it should let you understand that you can do it too. The less difficult part of treating this type of blog is executing the knowledge that you have to first learn. The secret to getting them to come back is providing the readers with what they want to read. Many marketers fail to appreciate the simple market research component.

Along with everything else you need to do for you blog, you have to market it as much as possible. For starters, only interact with the best blog directories you are able to locate. It is important that you use a good balance of niche specific blogs and those not related to the market you are in. Targeted traffic and exposure to the right audience is what you’ll get with higher quality directories. Blogs can be listed in many directories, probably over 1000 if you really looked. But like article marketing in the old days, this might not be your best strategy. Doing extreme marketing like this no longer works as well as it did in the past, and may not provide the profits you are looking for. You can create many links to articles and posts in your blog when you use blog plug-ins that can accomplish this for you. This is pretty much along the same idea as placing manual in-line links in posts, yourself. Instead of having to do this on your own, the plug-in does it for you – how easy is that! Avoid having too many plug-ins on your blog! Too many can become problematic, but it is a trade-off you need to consider. Too many plug-ins on one site can cause it to be slow when loading. This is always a concern for anyone making money on the net. As long as you are actively considering how long it takes to load your website or blog, you will be okay.

There are many places to publish your content on the web. The main problem you encounter is running out of time to do it. Publishing your content on sites, not just article directories, is another method of generating traffic and back links. If you’re looking for excellent exposure for your new unique articles, American Chronicles is the way to go. These types of sites actually require excellent quality, something that old article directories did not. As long as you are able to write articles that are of high quality, this strategy should work.

Any blog can be made more efficient if you take the time to identify all of the possible things that might be slowing it down. Considering how simple these suggestions are, it’s really worth your time to put them into practice. Make a habit of considering this important issue before adding new features to your site. Finally, don’t assume that your site loads equally fast on every browser; do some cross checking and test it on IE, Firefox and Chrome.

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