3 Marketing Techniques for Expanding Small Businesses

There are easier ways to grow your small business than you may realize. You’ve got a stable base of customers and this means that things are much easier for you than they would be if you didn’t have that. You are going to spend a lot of time and money finding new customers.

It is true that you ought to always be working on your marketing so that you can have a steady and reliable stream of new customers but this isn’t all that you should be doing. Have you ever thought about expanding the products and services that you offered to previous customers? You can even create plans that bring in web marketing techniques and sending existing customers to visit you online. There are so many ways that you can integrate your offline company with your online presence so that you can convert more sales and expand your business.

If your business’ main focus is offline, then you need to improve awareness and exposure on a local level which you can do with the various places systems. Practically every company knows about Google Places, but what many aren’t aware of is that there are other search engines that have similar listings. Yahoo and Bing both feature listings for local businesses and they’re not the only ones because some of the big secondary search engines also do it. Make sure your business has a presence on all of them and get your site SEO ready for searches run locally. Other useful places to list are state specific business directories. In the worst case, you’ll have to list in a business directory from your neighboring state but generally all states have them. The key is to ensure full coverage of your state. If nothing you do seems to work and you feel as if you are spinning your wheels trying to grow your business, then maybe you need to look elsewhere. You need to take the time to figure out what strong points your company has as well as to analyze every last process and product. You’ll be very pleased with what you discover if this is your first time doing this exercise. Once you have everything down, and the list could be long, then those are the things you should be focusing on. All your marketing needs to focus on these strong points so make sure they are featured in your messages, even if it means recreating your site from the ground up. There will be certain areas that you can emphasize which will help you gain more attention and better results.

Get creative and don’t be nervous about promoting your website to your customers. A great technique for improving your business is to tell buyers about sales, special offers and big discounts. Ask them if they would like to know about them, and then simply give them a business card or flyer with your domain name on it. A flier is your best option because you can put bullet points on it and use it as part of your marketing. Plus, the bigness of the flier helps keep it from getting lost or ignored. That is just one quick example of how to encourage people to visit your site. You also, then, need to give them a great encouragement to help them decide to join your email list too. It’s important to keep in mind that huge movements aren’t required for your small business to grow. If you decide to go down the joint venture route, it might take a few months for the results and profits to start rolling in. If you can do that, then use the profits for advertising online if that suits your model. So choose wisely and always measure your results and remember the concept of scaling profitable campaigns.

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