3 Major Copywriting Lessons Everyone Should Understand

Some of the more basic methods of copywriting look so simple and basic that it is easy to overlook them. People often forget because they automatically assume that they already know everything about it. It happens because quite a lot of copywriting is merely common sense.

And there are times when you’ll recognize certain ideas and concepts. That happens precisely because they are so common sense. The human nature way of seeing copywriting is easy to recognize because you are a human yourself! If you are a copywriting student, don’t take any of that for granted, even when what you are learning seems truly simple or easy to get.

The third part of AIDA comes from desire–sales won’t happen without desire because people buy based on their emotions. Benefit bullets, for example, are a great way to help you build your readers’ desire. This is a necessary aspect of your equation and you need to make sure that your bullets are written to create a huge impact on the reader. You can also easily build desire by using stories to illustrate the ways through which your solution can help them make their problems go away.

Desire can be created in all sorts of ways, and your job is to find the best way to insert that into your copy. This is where you can appeal to the particular emotions you want to target. Among health problems and solutions one of the biggest things to play upon is fear because it is an instinct we all have. You can try to create fear by talking about the potential for loss and other things.

Your readers can be majorly impacted by your use of framing within your copywriting. You don’t need that many words to get this right and it is one of the easier techniques you have in your arsenal. And, just like when you use false logic, what you do is twist perspectives and comparisons to work for you instead of against you.

Framing makes you use context and information to “frame” other information. A quick and cheap art installation in a market for many hundreds of dollars will probably seem like too much–and is going to look more than kind of cheap too. Get that painting and show it through an upscale art gallery in the hoity-toity part of town. Every time you do this, you are going to change the way people think about it.

The last element in a sales letter is the PS or post script that comes right after the signature in the sales letter itself. Although this may seem pointless, it is a very powerful part of your sales letter. Sales letters typically have a PS, and for some reason people love to read them. Perhaps people think they will miss something if they don’t. This could be the reason. Leverage the PS smartly and it’s not a good idea to put just anything in them. Anyone reading the PS may be motivated to purchase what you are selling if written in this way. Typically, people don’t read everything on the sales letter. They scan from top to bottom. Tell the people reading (the PS) that you talk about something important in the sales copy. If it sounds valuable, scanners will actually start reading to find it.

Copywriting is both scientific and art because it is how you use the scientific parts that determines your success. But always take your direction from the market you’re writing or talking to in your copy. That is how you figure out everything else so it can connect.

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