3 Fantastic Techniques to Keep Readers Riveted Using Just One Thing

Everybody has opinions on pretty much every subject and topic out there. Well, perhaps you have not realized how powerful that can be when you leverage it. All blog owners, especially business blog owners, want their visitors to return as well as join in and stay awhile.

Reaching this goal isn’t impossible or even all that difficult to accomplish. Here are just a few methods that you can use and to your greatest advantage.

Scouring the news and setting up Google Alerts for your niche-centric keywords is one of the first things you should do.

You need to find timely news about a topic that you know your audience cares about in a passionate way. For the content or your articles, you need to choose opposing points of view on that topic and then write about them. All you need to do is explain the issue and then spend time writing about what each source has said about it. Make sure that you write down what you think and feel about the issue as well so that you can continue the debate further. Including opposing points of view can be done pretty easily and are great for generating quite a lot of discussion.

Anybody who has ever opened a newspaper or read an online news website knows what an op-ed piece is. Opinion-editorial columns are hugely popular as a source of news and content for major news sites. This is really easy to do on your own blog or website and the best part is that you can choose any niche that you think is interesting.

So you understand what you have to now is set up an extra category or even an extra page for your website that you can name Op-Ed. Then you simply (but carefully) select the most relevant and timely issues and topics and write your content about that and in that format. This format needs to stay special for the readers so only write these pieces every week or even limit yourself to every other week.

Some of you may dislike writing, but do it because you have to, and in that case you are probably fighting against your own self. Internal resistance can make anything more difficult and stressful. It will be easier to relax if you do adequate preparation for any piece of content writing you want to do. If you do your research first, then write a quick outline, that will give you a starting point. Once you have that in place, then purposely try to just relax and let yourself write from your preparatory work. Once you stop fighting the process and relax, writing will become easier and your product will improve.

It is highly likely that, in your marketing efforts, you are going to need to publish at least some form of content. You do not have to do anything to make your content more powerful as the decision is yours. But if you want to make your business serious and sustainable you need to go the extra mile. There are so many ways you can differentiate your business through your content. Plus, when you consider the value of building relationships with your audience, then you will naturally want to give more.

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