3 Effective Ways to Wake Up a Comatose Blog

You just don’t have as much time for your blog as you used to. It’s all right. It happens to every Internet Marketer at some point. The content they were using typically dries up and their ideas for evergreen content simply are not coming through. They get busy with other aspects of their businesses and, in spite of the best of intentions, the blogs they’ve created start to die. When this happens, the traffic slows down or goes away. Advertising dollars simply stop. More than likely, Internet Marketers will start to be concerned about their income. Instead of panicking, use these tips to help bring your blog back to life.

When you wrote your blog posts, were there a few that you enjoyed writing? You need to go back and read these again. Even better, create a new blog post that talks about the older blog post and why it is so important to you. This does two things: it gives you an idea for fresh content. You achieve internal linking as well when you link to the other post that you are referencing. Oftentimes, by doing this you will reinvigorate your passion for writing blogs, something that you may be lacking. This will help you build your readership base to new levels, and alert people to the fact that your blog does still exist. This is great, especially if new developments have arisen that you can discuss with your new and old readers. Writing on other topics is something you need to do. Begin an e-book. Write a novel. Start an offline diary. Just get back into the habit of writing again. Need to write on your blog with any ideas that come your way. These ideas need to be written down. If you are feeling frustrated, the best thing to do is walk away. Do something else. And when you come back, you may remember what it is you’ve forgotten how to do. When you write, especially if it is an e-book, it can be easily sold online, allowing you to make a lot of money for your efforts.

Don’t be afraid to ask your readers for help. It’s common for bloggers to experience writer’s block at times. No matter how experienced you may be, this can still occur. It only makes sense to turn to the people who have been reading your posts. Encourage them to send in their comments, suggestions, questions and so forth. They’ll appreciate that you value their opinions and they’ll really appreciate it when you pick their suggestions and questions for blog posts. This then becomes a community building exercise that helps keep your readers coming back. This way, your readers benefit by getting the content they want, and you get more steady traffic to your blog.

Blogging is a great medium for all sorts of things. Of course, you have to keep it going and this is where a lot of Internet Marketers run into problems. They simply lose their interest in blogging by getting busy with other things. There is a light at the end of the tunnel – you can revive your blog. Did you once have a passion for doing this? You can get that spark back again. The tips in this article, and your own ingenuity, can help you revive your blog once again.

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